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Corporate business interiors (CBI) is a family-owned furniture dealership with a lot of heart. It is an industry leader in california with years of experience in providing complete office solutions.
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In a conversation this morning, Rick Rice from AMQ

"ICE is a powerful platform that is easy to learn and easy to use. It is versatile and allows us to rapidly create layouts and even create custom items outside of our current catalog - we aren't restricted by what is in our CAP studio. If we take a little extra time, we can dress up the layouts and show clients their entire space. It's a great marketing tool that helps them visualize their space before they move in. Many times over the years a client has purchased product and after installation has said 'Oh, I didn't think it would look like this.' Now they can see it first."

Rick Rice, AMQ Solutions


Lauren Edwards, Specification Analyst, OstermannCron, Inc


"Response time has always been quick and extremely flexible around my schedule. The patient people at the other end of the phone are good at following up and just overall great teachers. I'd definitely utilize and recommend!"


Amy Lee, Designer, Office Images, Inc.


"There are two of us here in our design department. Neither one of us had any idea what ICE was about. I look back now and think we were blessed with our great trainers. Our schedules are at a premium yet they were always able to organize their time for us. We had plenty of questions and they nearly always had the answers. If not, they would research and let us know as soon as they found it."


Chuck Miller, Benjamin Roberts Office Interiors


"As soon as ICE was installed I couldn't wait to explore the program. By the time my one-on-one training started the next day, I already figured out the majority of the program because it was so intuitive. So instead of going through a scripted training program, my trainer watched me do a drawing and gave hints and short cuts. I appreciated his willingness to adapt to what I needed, rather than walking me page by page through a pre-determined manual."


"I took all the webinars available. The training staff would listen to people's questions and comments and instead of simply dealing with them and moving on, they would build off the questions and offer something beneficial for everyone."


"Even now, a couple of years into using ICE, if I have any questions, their help is only a phone call, email, or chat session away. I never hesitate to contact them. Because of them, I believe that I'm able to get the full use of the ICE program and all its features."

ICE training is interactive, fun and educational training that will help users gain the knowledge they need to use ICE software with ease and confidence. Each month ICE offers many exciting training sessions, take a look at the calendar for the sessions coming up.
To register, login to our web-based Learning Management System (LMS) go to the Course Library, and select the Month and session you wish to attend. If you don't have a username and password, send an email to info@ice-edge.com.
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