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This ICE Suite benefits:

  • Manufacturer Reps
  • Furniture Sales Reps
  • Furniture Dealers
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Leverage and enhance your design/specification software investments.

The ICE® Suite for Production allows Furniture Manufacture Reps and Dealers to infuse your current design/specification software with 3D flythrough capability, real-time interactive BOM and pricing and one-click rendering – all while building on your original software investment of time and training. Several product lines can be integrated in ICE for demonstrating aesthetics, function and price in your range of offerings – all without any rework.

Proven Results:

  • 3D envisioning and flythrough
  • Instant and interactive pricing and BOM without rework
  • Make changes in design or in the order worksheet – all files automatically update
  • Create renderings from any view in one click
  • Create photorealistic renderings with light and shadows in minutes
  • Share interactive movies with all stakeholders via web
  • Design with AutoCAD™ while linked to all the benefits of ICE
  • Show client same design in different product lines without rework

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