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mission critical facilities

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This ICE Suite benefits:

  • Manufacturer Reps
  • Furniture Sales Reps
  • Furniture Dealers
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Powerful Tools for Product Specific Furniture and Architectural Interior Design.

A 3D design and communication platform with product expertise, ICE allows you to solve design and specification challenges using our fully intelligent furniture manufacturer catalogs.


Leverage your existing software and import your designs from CAP Studio, Giza or Emagine into ICE.


ICE delivers complete graphical designs and full Bill of Materials complete with pricing to communicate clearly, resolve conflicts and facilitate real-time decision making.


ICE delivers full Bill of Materials and complete graphical designs of Mission Critical Facilities to communicate clearly, resolve conflicts and facilitate decision making.

Proven Results:

  • Communicate clearly in a 3D visual world
  • Design faster, get results sooner
  • Reduce cost impact of iterations and changes
  • Enhance productivity with instant editing, gaining real-time results
  • Create compelling presentations
  • Show client same design in different product lines without rework

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