Spider Agile Technology, based in Kelowna, Canada, manufactures modular, pre-tested plug and play electrical solutions for commercial, healthcare and government interiors. The flexibility of the Spider system and the speed of installation create an infrastructure that is open to adds, moves and changes of the workspace. The client's own facilities teams can reroute the simple handshake connections without bringing in expensive trades people.


By putting their products on ICE® Spider is able to take the mystery out of electrical layouts. Very few clients understand what exactly they are paying for, what they end up using and what ends up as wire waste. Fewer still can read and understand an electrical drawing. With ICE, Spider is able to show clients exactly where their outlets will be located and how many outlets they'll have. Any modifications are reflected in their price, specification and parts list instantly. The space is explored in interactive, real-time 3D so everyone is on the same page and speaks the same language.


Before ICE, Spider's quoting and order process was through a traditional AutoCAD™ based system. Since implementing ICE, the company has seen the following benefits:


  • Increased sales: Spider attributes $1.8-million directly to ICE
  • Reduced quote times: They are able to respond with a valid quote ten times faster
  • Reduced errors during quote process: Spider has seen a 20% reduction in errors


Spider's customer-driven solutions are a perfect match for ICE. Every project faces different requirements due to regional codes, building design and client needs. Having ICE as a marketing and a delivery tool allows the company to quickly offer a custom solution with standard pricing and gives their clients a clear understanding of what they are getting.



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