Panduit is an industry leader in developing innovative technology solutions that meet the rapidly evolving needs of their customers around the world. Their commitment is supported by significant ongoing investment, dedicated manufacturing facilities, strategic technology alliances, and collaborative R&D with other industry leaders.


ICE® is part of that commitment. Panduit offers a comprehensive and holistic approach called the Unified Physical Infrastructure or UPI. The UPI approach enables organizations to connect, manage and automate critical systems and drive operational, financial and sustainability advantages, allowing a business to minimize risk, lower cost, and heighten agility and reliability.


The leadership at Panduit feels Ice Edge Business solutions is a strategic partner that works collaboratively with not only Panduit, but its partners. "The Ice Edge Team has helped us solve problems and break down barriers as we developed a catalyst to enable our Sales Engineers."


The bundling of data center and networking products is synergistically a better value for Panduit's clients – but the clients need to be able to absorb and understand the information before they can fully appreciate the benefits. "ICE provides a method of automatically configuring Panduit's best practices of bundled products, and displaying that product solution in a highly immersive environment," explains Panduit Software Business Development Manager, John O'Donnell. "Customers immediately can derive and visualize the Value of that solution."


On-the-fly walkthroughs immerse Panduit's clients in their very own Data Center layout. They immediately identify where they can save real estate, create streamlined configurations for more efficient layouts and more efficient personnel. "With ICE we are able to build compelling 'rubber-tothe-road' solutions in a graphical, easily consumable format," says John O'Donnell. "Our sales cycle is shortened and more powerful when our clients are fully informed and empowered to make these vital decisions."

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