DIRTT Environmental Solutions is a modular wall manufacturer in Calgary, Alberta. Their acronym stands for Doing It Right This Time. One of their primary requirements, as defined at inception, was software capable of providing a single, seamless experience from initial client Concept at Point of Sale through to Manufacture and Delivery. While bulky ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) type systems claim to provide such solutions, past experience had proven quite the opposite; in fact the elimination of a requirement for ERP was forefront on the criteria for DIRTT.


"DIRTT product flexibility is limitless," says Mogens Smed, founder and CEO of DIRTT. "We allow complete customization in design - to the point that we could not even specify the product properly without ICE, let alone manufacture it. DIRTT could not possibly be where we are today without ICE." With their infinitely variable product offering – and in upholding their "green first" initiatives - DIRTT does not have printed product catalogues (the norm in the industry), but rather uses only ICE and its output documents to communicate the available solutions.


Today, over 90 DIRTT distribution partners and countless other Architect and Design firms working with DIRTT use ICE in their every day work, from visual sales tool and product design to complete specification and order. ICE is so easy to use; the salespeople actually design layouts in front of the client, who always feels engaged and empowered.



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