3form is a leader in producing rich, elegant, dramatic architectural resins. Their products give any space that splash of texture and color to take it to a much higher level of aesthetics and make for fantastic first impressions.


By putting their products on the ICE® platform for their sales process, specification and manufacturing, 3form brings a higher level of service and storytelling to their clients and greater efficiencies for their own business strategy and day-to-day operations. "The ICE interactive 3D gives us a higher quality, more informative presentation for our customers," says Wynn Clayton, 3form's CFO. "But it is in the ICE intelligence where we reduce the complexity of our business and reduce the opportunity for human error in our specification and ordering processes."


3form is an early adopter of ICE. Since their first experience over four years ago they've gone on to integrate their top product lines like the ever popular Varia Ecoresin, Wovin Wall, Wave Wall, Versa, Suspend, Frame, Slide and Rail.



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